[dev] Small fix to the dmenu XFT patch.

From: Kyle Murphy <orclev_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 06:20:27 -0500

After spending about an hour today trying to figure out why my old dmenu
config wasn't working properly (it was ignoring the value of -sf) I finally
tracked the problem back to the dmenu XFT patch. A little googling turned up
that this was either a "known bug", or a "feature" depending on how one
chooses to interpret the comment in the mailing list. After some discussion
in the #suckless IRC channel in which it was implied that -sf was removed
because "that's the way xft works" and that it was impossible to have
foreground highlighting while using XFT I decided to take a stab at fixing
the patch to not break -sf. Attached you will find a minor alteration to the
existing xft patch that does in fact re-enable -sf support (although not
very nicely, someone feel free to write a better version). I'm sure there'a
 better way to have implemented this, but it works and I haven't noticed any
real differences between my version and the previous patch besides the fact
that it now once again honors the setting of -sf.

-R. Kyle Murphy

Curiosity was framed, Ignorance killed the cat.

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