Re: [dev] content vs navigation in the web

From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 15:18:23 +0100

[2009-11-08 14:29]
> * markus schnalke <> [2009-11-06 18:59]:
> >
> > Of course, this my assumptions are only valid if the title and the
> > first lines of text are in view without scrolling. Means no huge
> > navigation lists.
> That's the point -- they *are* usually long.

So that's the main problem.

Why do people use lists, which take a line for each item? It's easy to
do it without lists and thus having the items of one level all in a

Take a look at the navigation uses a list (which
consists of block items in HTML terms) and the CSS puts them into one
line. That's clearly not the straight way.

Simply omit the <ul> and <li> tags and your text browser shows the
navigations similar to the CSS-included view. They consume less lines
and navigating is not worse.

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