Re: [dev] wmii can save settings on close, can't it ?

From: Yannic Haupenthal <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 18:16:35 +0100

David J Patrick wrote:
> Quoting Yannic Haupenthal <>:
>> Hey,
>> I don't get it, what settings do you mean? Settings, how the windows are
>> arranged?
> yes, how windows are arranged and what's running in them.
> I can take me a couple of days to get everything arranged just nice,
> it like the best work-environment I have ever used,
> and if the set-up can't be saved, then there's really no point.
>> If so, you might write a little script using wmiir..
> that presumes I can write little scripts.
> I'd pay someone to do it, but there's not a chance in hell I will be
> able to myself
> (time and coding skills in short supply)
> djp

Hm ok, i get it now ;)

I have the same problem, so i wrote in my wmiirc (in the Tagging Rules

/Firefox.*/ -> 3
/Thunderbird.*/ -> 2
/Pidgin.*/ -> 4
/alsamixer.*/ -> 0
/weechat.*/ -> 4

And yes, i know that Firefox and Thunderbird sucks ;)

At system start i run a little script:

thunderbird & &>/dev/null
firefox & &>/dev/null
pidgin & &>/dev/null
urxvt -T "weechat" -e sh -c "weechat-curses"& &>/dev/null
urxvt -T "alsamixer" -e sh -c "alsamixer"& &>/dev/null

So there is every program on a predefined window.

Is this is a solution for you?

Best, Yannic
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