Re: [dev] [surf] some potential bugs and some user questions

From: G David Modica <>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 11:41:18 -0500

On 04:56 Mon 14 Dec , Jorge Vargas wrote:
> 1- for some reason surf stalls for a couple of seconds on a new page,
> I just hit ctrl-g <enter> and it stalled for 11sec! with
> a [0%] indicator then loaded the page really fast. Is there a way I
> can get a log of what it's doing? I believe it's my problem either one
> of (slow internet speed, crappy DNS and/or running inside a
> VirtualMachine) but I want to be sure. I don't see this in Firefox
> however it could be that surf is faster hence the slowdown is bigger.
> <-- this is almost a showstopper :(
+1 frequently but not always.
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