Re: [dev] slock - cannot log in

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 18:25:32 +0100

daspostloch dixit (2009-12-17, 14:25):

> you are right that was crap. sorry.
> the F# works fine as just tested in firefox.
> the reason i got confused is because i, other
> than vterm, dont have use for them.
> so the real issue is that switching vterms
> doesnt work, not even right now in normal ops.
> maybe because i xmodmapped alt to win and ctrl
> to caps? or cause i inittab into runlevel 5
> directly? so this happens when an only superficially
> experienced guy wants to use the power tools -
> but now were completely off-topic :)
> Anders Andersson wrote:
> >> Thanks guys. A colleague also suggested switching vterm,
> >> but unfortunately, the thinkpad gives access to the F# buttons
> >> only via the Fn modifier, which does not seem to support
> >> multi-key combinations. at least i have yet to figure out how
> >> to do that.
> >
> > Curiously and mostly but not completely off-topic, but what kind of
> > ThinkPad do you have that can only access the function keys with the
> > Fn modifier? Maybe there's something else wrong with your keyboard
> > layouts that affect this?
> >
> > (Look, I'm quoting correctly?!)

*Wasted*. The guy topposted you...

As to the topic – dpms is quite useful, hope there's a way to have both.
And to the guy up at the top, haven't you just switched off moving over
to virtual consoles in Xorg config (like a installation default
DontVTSwitch option or something)?

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