Re: [dev] slock - cannot log in

From: daspostloch <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:25:07 +0100

you are right that was crap. sorry.
the F# works fine as just tested in firefox.
the reason i got confused is because i, other
than vterm, dont have use for them.
so the real issue is that switching vterms
doesnt work, not even right now in normal ops.
maybe because i xmodmapped alt to win and ctrl
to caps? or cause i inittab into runlevel 5
directly? so this happens when an only superficially
experienced guy wants to use the power tools -
but now were completely off-topic :)

Anders Andersson wrote:
>> Thanks guys. A colleague also suggested switching vterm,
>> but unfortunately, the thinkpad gives access to the F# buttons
>> only via the Fn modifier, which does not seem to support
>> multi-key combinations. at least i have yet to figure out how
>> to do that.
> Curiously and mostly but not completely off-topic, but what kind of
> ThinkPad do you have that can only access the function keys with the
> Fn modifier? Maybe there's something else wrong with your keyboard
> layouts that affect this?
> (Look, I'm quoting correctly?!)
> // pipe
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