Re: [dev] licenses (was: simple portscanner)

From: Nicolai Waniek <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 02:34:12 +0100

On 01/03/2010 01:11 AM, hiro wrote:
> Often it's better to listen to your intuition and ignore German laws.
> Especially if you are no lawyer and just read about so-called laws on Wikipedia.

most stupid idea ever. if you're in the software industry and wish to make your
source public you should at least know the potential backdraws of your
country's IP laws (regardless how stupid they may sound) and act properly to
make sure every single person using your stuff might not face any problems.

> I have seen that German rules regarding the internet are most vague;
> perhaps only to me, because I'm stupid, but I'd like to have the
> reader make that decision.

as you can't really pass your copyright in germany you should definitely base
your publication on some means of 'contract'/license to protect the one using
your code from you going mad and coming after him with some creepy lawyer. this
said, you best use something that has already gained some attention in a german

yes, my answer is based on a purely german-centric view.
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