Re: [dev] licenses (was: simple portscanner)

From: hiro <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 16:19:08 +0100

> most stupid idea ever. if you're in the software industry and wish to make your
> source public you should at least know the potential backdraws of your
> country's IP laws (regardless how stupid they may sound) and act properly to
> make sure every single person using your stuff might not face any problems.

If you don't want them to face a lot of problems don't write license
files, just tell him to do the fuck he likes.

> as you can't really pass your copyright in germany you should definitely base
> your publication on some means of 'contract'/license to protect the one using
> your code from you going mad and coming after him with some creepy lawyer. this
> said, you best use something that has already gained some attention in a german
> court.

And what protects him then from you going mad and coming after him
with a basball bat?
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