Re: [dev] [surf] What Works

From: J Thigpen (cdarwin) <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:24:03 -0400

> What Works list would be nice ... and better if someone who knows C better
> than me could write a patch to surf so when site (hopefully not every forum
> of hobbies) works, you could just hit hotkey and it submits url (FE
> http://underdomain.this-site-doesnt-suck.much/ not whole url ofcourse) to
> the list.
> - Erno

Stop thinking of hacking stupid shit into surf, but rather handle this
sort of thing with simple shell scripts to be called from dmenu or
similar. I'm thinking bmarks[1]?

On topic, I agree that a list of sites that do not work is probably
shorter and more appropriate.

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