Re: [dev] my compatible ideas: vim like mapping for any tools, C scripts, vi clone

From: Bjartur Thorlacius <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 14:40:25 +0000

On 5/17/10, Kurt H Maier <> wrote:
> On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 9:39 AM, Bjartur Thorlacius
> <> wrote:
>> I just felt that it was weird that the program that draws borders around
>> my
>> windows is also a keyboard shortcut handler/dispatcher/whatever.
> Now dwm draws statusbar for you (if you use dwm).  It also runs dmenu
> and st/urxvt/xterm too.  Most of global user keybindings just run
> commands so it is ok if these keybindings will be window manager
> keybindings.
I run WMII, but the situation is similiar there. But why is the statusbar
 the same program? So it doesn't get focused? That should be possible
 with some sort of window property, right?
> Or if you disagree, then keybindings that run dmenu and terminal
> emulator should be removed from dwm code and placed somewhere else.
> But I think it will just make things more complex.
Possibly so, yes.
> dwm, as the program that sits between you and other programs, already
> has to intercept everything not destined for another client.  since
> there's already an interface to intercept keys globally, it makes
> sense to use it for all global key-commands.  there's nothing really
> stopping you from installing speckeysd though.
Does it have to intercept all keystrokes anyway? Even if I run another
 program to handle keyboard shortcuts?
 As wmii can be controled through 9P, and wm keybindings in wmiirc
 do indeed just call wmiir, it's possible to dispatch /all/ shortcuts
 externally, even ones to resize windows and start terminal emulators.
 speckeysd fits the role,
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