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From: Ilya Ilembitov <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 01:35:22 +0400

Developing a suckless web browser engine is impossible, because one will have to implement all the non-standards thing in the current Web, right? OK, a theoretical question then. In 2010 we live in the times when even Microsoft tries hard to dump IE6, so only IE7 may still force web-masters to write some non-standard code. However, IE7 is only bundled with Vista, and Vista (if I am not mistaken) is not as popular as Windows 7 already. The latter ships with IE8, which is reportedly more standards-compliant. So as soon as WinXP dies already, it will be IE8 (IE9 by that time, may be). Correct me if I am wrong.

Second, more and more major web portals and services are multi-browser. Even MS's Office Web Apps (that were released a week ago) supports all the major browsers, the same for the most popular sites, like Google's services, Twitter, Facebook, most of Yahoo, etc. Most popular CMS's are mostly standards-compliant, too (like WordPress, drupal, etc) and they run nearly the majority of small projects these days. Finally, a lot of services wish to have a mobile version, too, and IE absolutely doesn't have any decisive part here, it's webkit territory. So, even if my point about IE is wrong, most sites are multi-browser these days. Does that mean they are mostly standards-compliant? Or each browser requires its own tweaks, so the "firefox" (or webkit, etc) version of any site is not a standard-compliant site, but rather some set of tweaks for that browser?

So, here is my question. If we take only modern and active projects, how standard are they? Suppose, we have a browser engine that implements only the current standards (OK, may be some legacy standards, but no IE or other tweaks), will we still be able to use 95% of the web?

> On 13 June 2010 23:28, Matthew Bauer <> wrote:
> > Развернуть
> > I think surf and uzbl are good steps forward in making a kiss web browser.
> Problem is the vast complexity they both contain is hidden inside
> libwebkit. That thing is huge. I get the feeling surf and uzbl only
> make the tip of the iceberg suck less.
> cls

wbr, Ilembitov
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