Re: [dev] Presentation slides software

From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 19:40:19 +0200

[2010-06-29 12:34] Uriel <>
> I'm looking for a minimally sane way to generate presentation slides,
> ideally using something similar to markdown and capable of generating
> decent-looking html (and hopefully) pdf.
> I know about magicpoint, and I normally use the troff slides macros:

I use a modified version of your slides macros for some time now and
am very pleased with them. I generate PS and display with gv. I still
haven't managed to cut the PDF pages in length (haven't tried much).

Some sources from me are available at:

You are probably at the same point.

> But the generated HTML is rather messy, and fixing htmlroff is too much work.

I can't help here because I don't generate HTML from it.

btw: Do you include bitmap pictures into your slides? If so, how? I
read that Heirloom troff has some features therefore, but I think they
are Heirloom extensions.

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