Re: [dev] [dwm] number of tag limited?

From: thuban <>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 07:27:25 +0200

> I just changed the colour scheme in drawbar() so that unoccupied tags
> are invisible (by making the text colour the same as the background).
> This was enough for me, as I was mostly concerned with the visual
> noise of all the unoccupied tags.
> The unoccupied tags aren't completely useless to me. I prefer to move
> to an unoccupied tag and then open a new application (as opposed to
> opening the new application and then sending it away), so I need to be
> able to view unoccupied tags.

But what do you think to create the tag justs when you move in? I'm
just thinking to the same comportement of wmii. Especially, I would
like to be able to rename tags, and create them as I want (and
automatically remove them when they are no more used ).
Sure, it must be really easy to do it with 9p.
It might look like an appearance question, true, but it is also to have
dwm more flexible to use (because it is very configurable when
compiling, but this configuration is static).
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