[dev] [OT] c syntax tree dumping tool

From: Szabolcs Nagy <nsz_AT_port70.net>
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 13:44:06 +0200

i'm involved in a c parsing tool project, c99tree,
and pleased to announce its first release


it is in early development, but it can parse c99 code
(without includes and preprocessor tokens) and print
an abstract syntax tree

eg useful for listing function calls of a .c file etc
(the current form is very sensitive to undefined
type ids this will be fixed up later)

c99tree knows c99 grammar very well (and a fair amount
of gcc extensions), but it does not try to check syntax
errors or semantic problems, just dumps a tree or fails

the difficult part will be the preprocessor
some part of it is scheduled for the next release

for suckless it maybe useful for code analysis and
code audit as it tells a bit more than a wc -l :)

the grammar is based on the .y and .l files of pcc

(actually http://golang.org/src/cmd/cc/cc.y is cleaner,
but seemed more work to cut out and make c99/gcc
compatible, might take another look at it later..)
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