Re: [dev] [dwm] tagging interface

From: yy <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 01:28:46 +0200

2010/9/23 Wolf Tivy <>:
> If someone can elaborate on the motivation and use-cases for the toggle,
> I might be better able to give it the right semantics with the combo stuff.
> From my understanding it's no longer necessary as it was simply a
> mechanism to cache your tagset which was microtedious to generate
> using toggle. Can someone confirm?

I guess everybody uses dwm in different ways.

Mine includes having what we could call a "main view" which most of
the time is only one tag but, quite often, includes some more. For me
is very convenient to have the toggle so I can temporally select only
one of those tags, or can change to another one for a second to check
or set something. In fact, viewing a tag for a second and come back to
what I was doing is something I do so often that I use a
vieworprev(arg) which toggles the tagset if is equal to arg (this is
somewhere in the wiki).

On the other hand, I have never felt the need to set more than one tag
at a time (which seems to be what your patch does). Instead, I prefer
to set tags one by one, as I need them. The only exception is when I
want to go back to a previous state, and I prefer that dwm takes care
of remembering and setting them instead of saving 9 lines of code.

Different people, different work flows, different config.h files.

- yiyus || JGL .
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