Re: [dev] [dwm] tagging interface

From: Wolf Tivy <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 15:00:53 -0700

> I suppose your goal was code economy, so maybe you don't care,
> but: by
> not adding the code to deal with repeats, you're forcing the resulting
> release/press pairs to be handled by the toplevel event loop, one
> undoing the effect of the other.
> Visually though it shouldn't be an issue: like I said, I believe both
> are placed on the queue at once, so for instance it will not
> happen that
> the tag flickers.

I wasn't just being cheap when I left that out. It looks like XPeekEvent
blocks, which won't do. I haven't found the (hopefully existent)
non-blocking equivalent, so I can't even write that part.

Furthermore, the goal at that point was to get something usable working
so that I could play with my idea and post it here for clarification and input.
The problem isn't so bad anyways, it just reverts to the default (unpatched)
behavior if you hold the combo too long. In the unpatched version, it starts
flickering and stuff when you hold to long, so no new bugs.
In the few hours that I've been able to test it, I've found that I finish the
combo before X starts throwing repeats.

That was the preliminary version, quick and dirty. I'm in the process of
polishing it up, which possibly includes fixing that feature, restoring the
toggle between two tagsets (which I'm not sure is still useful), and making
it a proper patch.

If someone can elaborate on the motivation and use-cases for the toggle,
I might be better able to give it the right semantics with the combo stuff.
From my understanding it's no longer necessary as it was simply a
mechanism to cache your tagset which was microtedious to generate
using toggle. Can someone confirm?

Thanks for all your help and input by the way.
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