[dev] [tabbed] A patch for a new feature and a small fix.

From: Andrés Musetti <amusetti_AT_internet.com.uy>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 12:59:25 -0300

        This is my first message to the ML.

I use tabbed so much, that I needed (wanted?) It to be able to run a program given as an argument whenever I press Ctrl+Return.
Something like:
        $ tabbed -x surf -e %XID%
        $ tabbed -x urxvt -embed %XID%
And having tabbed to replace the %XID% token with its winid, and then spawning the process.

So, I've made a patch that does exactly that. Now I can use tabbed to "tab" surf, urxvt, etc...
All with the same tabbed, no need to maintain more than one!
It certainly is not the most wonderful feature, nor the most secure piece of code, but It suits my current needs.

I've also fixed an issue I was having when running tabbed without embedding any client: It wouldn't recognize any keybinding, more importantly Ctrl+Return.

I hope someone will find It useful.
Any comment/observations/criticism/etc... will be welcome.
I'm always eager to improve and learn.

Thanks for all the great, less-sucking software you make.

P.S. Please forgive my poor English. It's not my first language, so please help me to improve on It if you can.


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