Re: [dev] [dvtm] dvtm on aix

From: Marc Andre Tanner <>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 10:43:23 +0100

Hi Ross

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 05:06:34PM -0500, Ross Mohn wrote:
> I've come to rely on dvtm, but I have to use AIX in my new job (ugh).
> I'm pretty far with getting it to run on AIX but could use a little help
> now, if possible.
> I'm working with dvtm-0.6, ncurses-5.7, gcc-4.2, AIX 6.1. With some
> minor code tweaks and a copy of forkpty-aix.c source from the tmux-1.3
> project I've got dvtm compiled and mostly running. I can create new
> windows, move them around and do most everything, but as soon as I
> destroy a window I get a segfault coredump. I'm starting to put debug
> statements in the code, but if someone can point me in the right
> direction it could save me a lot of time.

Unfortunately I currently only have internet access during the weekends
which means I can't really help.

Client destruction is handled in the sigchld_handler function. Try to
get some kind of stack strace.

Please post a patch once you get it working.


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