Re: [dev] wmii unicode in the status? [SOLVED]

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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 13:58:48 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011, Eitan Goldshtrom wrote:

> I've been told that Ubuntu might not be the best choice for running wmii. I really only did it because at the time, and still really, I was only familiar with
> Ubuntu and didn't/don't have the time to familiarize myself with how to get around another linux distro -- I'm a thesising college student. But once I'm done with
> school I fully plan on moving to another distro, not just because of wmii *caugh*ubuntu sucks*caugh*. Lucky for me right now, however, the new build works
> perfectly. However Ubuntu does things seems to have made it so the upgrade build took hold automatically. So I'm good to go. Thanks everyone for the help.
> -Eitan
> On 01/24/2011 02:34 AM, Jeremy Jackins wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 6:26 PM, Eitan Goldshtrom <> wrote:
> So I had already done that, which made me wonder why you were suggesting it, because obviously I must have done something wrong when I
> tried to hg that URL. I hadn't realized that I needed to build that after getting it. I did and everything worked. I built wmii-3.9.2.
> Which leaves me now wondering, what next? I'm using
When I installed from the Ubuntu Software Center it added an option at the
> login for me to change desktop environments. Will this new build override that or do I need to do something else? I am under the impression
> that putting the expected line of code to start wmii with startx will not work for Ubuntu? If this is reaching outside the realm of wmii I
> can ask elsewhere.
> -Eitan
> Yes, you might want to take some of these questions to something like the Ubuntu IRC channel. You can use startx with Ubuntu but it's not really the Ubuntu
> way of doing things. Really, if you want to be using software like wmii maybe Ubuntu is not the right place for you...

I normally just lurk on the mailing list, although I may have a potential
solution for Eitan.

I have put together a wmii fronted remaster of PCLinuxOS admittedly it
uses wmii 3.6 at this time (with dwm for an alternate desktop) with a
selection of apps (both GUI and CLI) that I think work well together.

In putting it together I have developed an ever increasing love of apps
that are lighter, quicker and simply suckless.

Eitan, If you are interested it taking a look here is the link to the
thread (and download link) on the PCLinuxOS forums,84400.msg699944.html#msg699944

Finally I want to thank the dev's at not just for the great
apps but also for opening my eyes.

Thanks for reading

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