[dev] wmii opening new windows in same tag

From: Eitan Goldshtrom <thesourceofx_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:08:49 -0500

Hi. Since I've upgraded to 3.9.2, or maybe since I've setup my
wmiirc_local <http://tinypaste.com/bbf341>, I've been having a tagging
problem -- that link is to a pastebin of it in case it helps. When I
open a new window for anything at all, if another instance of that
program is already open in another tag then the new instance opens in
that tag instead of the currently active one. It is a particularly
annoying problem when I want to do small things in a terminal because I
need to remember in which tag has the currently open terminal and go
there to retrieve the new one. Also, I've noticed something else since
upgrading. When I Mod-p or Mod-a there is no highlighting on the
currently selected item in the bar, as there was for me with 3.5.
Several times I've accidentally tried to scroll through the options with
the arrow keys only to realize I have to cancel and try again because I
don't know what is selected. Shortly after upgrading I was messing
around with the colors a bit and for a short time I did see highlighting
of the selected item, but not since then.
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