Re: [dev] wmii opening new windows in same tag

From: Thomas Dahms <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 09:35:17 +0100


On Fri, 28 Jan 2011 00:08:49 +0100, Eitan Goldshtrom
<> wrote:

> Hi. Since I've upgraded to 3.9.2, or maybe since I've setup my
> wmiirc_local <>, I've been having a tagging
> problem -- that link is to a pastebin of it in case it helps. When I
> open a new window for anything at all, if another instance of that
> program is already open in another tag then the new instance opens in
> that tag instead of the currently active one. It is a particularly
> annoying problem when I want to do small things in a terminal because I
> need to remember in which tag has the currently open terminal and go
> there to retrieve the new one.

You probably use something like gnome-terminal. You can set a rule like

wmiir write /rules <<!
     /gnome-terminal/ group=0

In general, use xprop on your terminal and look for the WM_CLASS to fill
in the snippet above. I am not sure if this kind of rule is already
possible in 3.9.2. If not, you have to use the hg tip.

> Also, I've noticed something else since
> upgrading. When I Mod-p or Mod-a there is no highlighting on the
> currently selected item in the bar, as there was for me with 3.5.
> Several times I've accidentally tried to scroll through the options with
> the arrow keys only to realize I have to cancel and try again because I
> don't know what is selected. Shortly after upgrading I was messing
> around with the colors a bit and for a short time I did see highlighting
> of the selected item, but not since then.

Try reverting the colors to default values. Highlighting should work.
Note, however, that wimenu includes a cursor for some time now and thus
moving the selection has changed to Tab and Shift-Tab.

Thomas Dahms
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