Re: [dev] what program to create custom menus

From: Julien Jehannet <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 17:24:19 +0100

> * Michael <> [28-janv.-2011 16:26]:
> Hello.
> What program do you recommend to create a pop-up menu with a list of
> my favorite applications in wmii?
> I mean: I hit MOD1+SHIFT+P and menu pops up with a list of categories
> like: multimedia, internet. When I choose (with arrow keys) internet
> then sub menu pops up with a list of applications like: firefox,
> thunderbird. When I choose one of them (with enter key) then it gets
> executed.

Have you tried dzen2 ?

I found a tutorial here:

Nevertheless, I'm not sure you can easily navigate from keyboard easily.
But give it a try and let us know :-)

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