Re: [dev] onscreen keyboards (xvkbd), dwm, and dmenu (part II with a patch to dwm)

From: Łukasz Pankowski <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2011 00:36:30 +0100

Peter John Hartman <> writes:

>> Another issue is to shrink the client area available to the managed
>> clients so that the keyboard does not cover the clients.

Instead of shrinking the client idea I added a key to my svkbd to switch
between bottom/top placement of svkbd (bottom by default) [patch on

> script that calls xdotools to call either F1, F2, or F3. Here it is:

Nice to know of xdotools, thanks. I was thinking of a similar keystroke
based hack but I went on with gestures patch found on dwm wiki. I use
"l"/"r" gestures on a window title for focusing prev/next client and
"dl" for closing the current client [1]. The gestures patch does not
recognize the empty gesture (a click without moving the mouse) --
I should add it on Sunday -- till that time I use "d" instead of "" (a
click) to open/close a topbar menu which does a hack

    killall 9menu || 9menu [...]

I also use click on the status bar to toggle the keyboard, similar hack

    killall svkbd || svkbd

I use monocle,tile,NULL mode order so clicking on mode switches
monocle/tile and tile mode thus it is possible to switch to tile select
a client by pointing and switch back to monocle. Also "d" (or "r")
gesture on a tag button could be used to move client to that tag.

I also think to adapt gestures patch to svkbd so that if svkbd is on
bottom: "u" moves it to the top, "d" slides it off the screen (i.e.,
hide) and "l"/"r" could switch between kbd layouts.

[1] I remember "dl" gesture from maybe 5-10 years ago as closing a tab
in mozilla/galeon or something similar.
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