[dev] dvtm key bindings borked on certain machines.

From: Nick Sergeant <nick_AT_nicksergeant.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 10:09:30 -0500

Hi guys. Apologies in advance for my lack of understanding about how exactly dvtm is working.

I'm running dvtm on OSX, and things work great. When ssh'ing to some servers, things also work fine, however, there are a few servers that completely mess up the keybindings. For example, backspace (<c-h>) inserts a space, though only up to 4 spaces after a character. There are a few other oddities, as well.

I'm running zsh. I actually originally had another issue on the machines that are now having problems with dvtm: /etc/zsh/zshrc:13: unknown parameter: terminfo

I fixed that by adding zmodload zsh/terminfo to /etc/zsh/zshrc before first $terminfo.

$TERM on local machine, machines that work, and machines that don't work are all "rxvt-256color".

Any ideas why the keybindings explode on some machines, but not others?

-- Nick Sergeant
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