Re: [dev] A Suckless Filesystem

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 00:34:54 +0100 dixit (2011-02-05, 16:20):

> >Which one do you use? Why do you use it? What does it have that the
> >others don't?
> ext2. I forget why. Probably because I didn't know anything when I
> installed archlinux.
> I've heard good things about JFS. I've looked at the different FS's but
> I can't really
> identify one as being obviously suckless.

JFS is lovely for a number of reasons, the main being stability,
very decent all-round performance and extremely low CPU-usage.

The main downsides are no shrinking possibility (at least in the
non-AIX incarnations) and practically a single part-time developer.

So recently I've been pretty much mainstream with ext4 – not extremely
stable yet in my experience, but lacking some annoyances of ext3 (like
very io-intensive deletion of big files and sensible fsck times).

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