Re: [dev] wmii: Tagging from .wmiirc not working

From: Benjamin R. Haskell <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 13:12:30 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 22 Feb 2011, Steve Ryan wrote:

> On 02/22/2011 12:40 PM, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:
>> On Tue, 22 Feb 2011, Steve Ryan wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I just downloaded wmii the other day and have been so far
>>> loving it. Dynamic tagging is a wonderful idea! However, I've had
>>> one main problem. Using the default sh version of .wmiirc, I
>>> haven't been able to get it so that when I run, say, Thunderbird
>>> it's automatically tagged 'web'. Here's the relvent part of my
>>> .wmiirc:
>>> # Tagging Rules
>>> wmiir write /rules <<!
>> Do any of your tagging rules work?
>> If you're using a version of wmii that supports the 'keyword=value'
>> syntax you used in your example, I think these should be in
>> /tagrules, rather than /rules. So, change the above line to:
>> wmiir write /tagrules <<!
> The ones that were in the default file (pidgin, vlc|mplayer,
> ROX) work perfectly fine. It is only ones that I write in myself that
> don't work. I tried using /tagrules, however, this shows up:
> wmiir: fatal: Can't open file '/tagrules': file not found
> witray: Replacing currently running system tray.
> wmiir: fatal: Can't open file '/rbar/status': file not found
> and trying to do the command manually reports the same error.

Oops, had the history backwards. /tagrules was removed in favor of
/rules. In wmii 3.6 (not using hg version here at work) your
Thunderbird rule works okay for me. (Had to use sel+web instead of +web
to get it to also show up on the current tag.)

Based on the wmii(1) manpage from the hg version on my home pc, I think
you may need to add tags= and remove the '->' for later versions:


/Thunderbird/ -> +web


/Thunderbird/ tags=+web
or maybe
/Thunderbird/ tags=sel+web

There's also a note in the 'rules PROVISIONAL' section (not running a
particularly new hg version) that mentions 'force-tags=', so might also

/Thunderbird/ force-tags=+web
/Thunderbird/ force-tags=sel+web

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