Re: [dev] /run coming to a linux distribution near you

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Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 17:36:44 +0200

I agree with Poettering in exactly one point: /dev/.xxx is *bad*. I'm not
saying /run is a clean solution, but /dev/.xxx is *wrong*. It might be OK for
udev, because udev is responsible for populating /dev, but it's highly
mysterious to me why they started cramming the other stuff in there, like for
instance systemd, it seems.

I agree with the others: Early boot should not require the need to create PID
files. The first thing that's usually done by some initscript is mounting
important filesystems. It seems highly dubious that Fedora seems to do it

I've seen people commenting that this will require an update to FHS. If it's
that easy to get new and apparently distro-specific entries into FHS, I will
propose a /barf that just sits there for no particular purpose.

As for the other comments on the issue, Poettering seems to have a "fanbase"
which blindly approves of everything he does. To quote a person called
"nhippi"[1], "That's one welcome move! I for one welcome our new /run
introducing overlords!".

In any case, I don't understand why this is discussed on this mailing list.
This has absolutely nothing to do with any suckless software. Please take your
criticism to other mailing lists, where people are in a position to change
things should valid arguments come up. Posting here won't change anything (the
reason for me to reply on this: I don't want to change anything. I'm just a
grumpy old slackware 1.0 user[2] who is unable to completely understand how
brilliant systemd actually is, so any of my criticism is void anyway).

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