Re: [dev] [st] 0.1 Feedback - Was: A few small patches

From: ilf <>
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 21:02:42 +0200

On 04-03 20:27, Aurélien Aptel wrote:
>> 2. alsamixer(1) behaves horribly.
> Could you be more specific? Screenshots, stderr, etc. If you're using
> TERM=st, make sure you've install the terminfo entry, as explained in
> the faq.

It just renders horribly slow, like downloading a GIF in the Ninetees.
Terminfo is set.

Running "time alsamixer" and immediately pressing ESC to quit it takes
less than .2 seconds with TERM=xterm, but more than 0.4 with

>> 3. I really like urxvt(1)s urlLauncher functionality. Copy+Pasting URLs is a
>> PITA, especially on laptops without a middle mouse button for pasting. What
>> do you all think about it?
> I agree. If we implement a way to redirect the terminal i/o (cf.
> "goals" page), one could probably script this feature easily.

Missed looking there again:

> Theoretical features
> - Redirect the IO of the terminal to a file (pancake)
> - URL selecting/launching in browser similiar to vimperator’s mark
> mode and the urxvt script (patch?) (possibly piped through something
> like plumb to determine which app to use) (n0nsense)

Well, then we just need the flamewar about transparency again :p

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