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Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 16:43:39 +0200 (CEST)

well..incorrect :) there is no public definition of a dyn. wm which
says this features shouldn't be if i'm saying "this
feature should be present" to make it a usable dyn. this is my
opinion :) i'm not just using 1 tab, in average i'm using 5 tabs
and there are situations where i want a 3rd smaller terminal
in a tag displayed in the bigger column constantly and not just
by maximising it (where i cant see the other 2 windows) or
setting it to a different tag. in dwm i have would have to think
about "which terminal to use for which purpose and how much
space do i need" because there is no way to change de ordering
of terminals in a tag an easy way or just maximise a window by

the problem is i like wmii :)  but it seems to become more and
more unmaintained and there are some minor issues which are i need an replacement. (on gentoo there
isn't a stable "unkeyworded" version for years now.) One of the
most similar wm to wmii is dwm, but it seems there are more
suitable wm out there which are like wmii.
Sorry for the ads..i cant remove them..i'm just looking for a new
freemail-provider :)

>On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 2:50 PM, <> wrote:
>> hi!
>> there are a lot of important things from wmii which cant be found in dwm anymore..
>> for example the stacked/maximised-mode or the ability to change the positions of
>> frames in a tag via Alt+Shift+[h/j/k/l]. I was thinking about to change to dwm but
>> without this main-features the dayly use of a wm is much more tedious.
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>So keep using wmii, what's wrong with it? Why change if you expect the
>new software to be the same as the old?
>And what's with the german ads?
Schon gehört? WEB.DE hat einen genialen Phishing-Filter in die
Toolbar eingebaut!
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