Re: [dev] sbase

From: Rob <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 19:53:40 +0100

I have a gripe about the fread() business - I have to hit ^D twice
before eof is reported - the first ^D causes fread() to return non-zero,
with text I entered previously, the second ^D causes fread() to return 0.
Probably not a major problem but here's a patch if anyone's interested.

Also rm.c
I don't think it has any problems with symlinks, but I accept no
responsibility for your lost home directory, anime collection or
childhood memories. I've never ever found a use for -f, it's just a
pain having rm prompt me, so I've assumed an always present -f. Stick it
in if you're going for posix or whatever though.

One more thing, we're not bothering with the -- flag, are we?

> but I'm quite busy with exams atm.
UK, right? Up late coding even with exams, I'm impressed.

Finally, I have an editor in the works, unfinished, but I plan to show
you lot at some point though</vapourware>.


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