Re: [dev] Sandy editor

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 21:56:56 +0100


I've just got around to properly trying sandy. I'm not a fan of the
curses approach, but I'm otherwise quite impressed. (I've not read the
code yet, but the editor itself has a nice feel to it.)

On 31 May 2011 17:51, Rafa Garcia Gallego
<> wrote:
> - ^U works as it should.
> - ^C kills the next word (former META-D). Sorry, I seem to use this one a lot.
> - ^K, ^W, ^H and ^D complete your killing family as usual. I don't
> know how much you guys use these.

I use C-u, C-k and C-w constantly. I've also found myself longing for C-c.

> - ^X saves or quits, ^Q quits without asking (!!)

imo C-q should say "unsaved changes!" and a second C-q should quit
regardless, ed-style. This way, C-q C-q can be a quick-quit.

> - Sadly, there is no easy way to move word-by-word

Can curses handle C-Left and C-Right?

> - Sadly, there is no immediate way to copy to the clipboard: it is
> either cut and paste (e.g. ^W^Y) or move your hand and press INS.

Could 'go-to-line' be rebound to C-: or so, and C-t be 'copy'?
Rationale: sam's copy command is 't'.

> As I already said, I have mixed feelings about modality. In case we go
> modal, we'd probably use something akin to vi's command mode bindings
> I guess. Let's hear some opinions before acting.

Don't Mode Me In.

Seriously, if you want Vi, use Vi. (I do, but hope to change that.)

> He reached to me this morning, ought to have the repo in place tonight.

Yep, it's there. What's your opinion on commits, btw? Are you happy
with others committing, or do you want us to talk to you instead?

Related: you need the CPPFLAGS -D_BSD_SOURCE and -D_POSIX_SOURCE, for
{set,get}env and kill, respectively.

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