Re: [dev] [st] Font issues

From: Peter John Hartman <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 20:41:48 -0400

> - the lack of a scrollback buffer, already mentioned
> - double-click-and-drag selection, like xterm has
> (st currently supports double-click word selection; implementing this
> should be no big deal... I might look at it)
> - vim in st with Solarized [1] colorscheme draws invisible text
> (this is quite strange; not sure where the problem is...)

FWIW, if one (as I do) always run a tmux instance on top of whatever X
terminal one launches, neither the lack of scrollback buffer nor the
double-click-and-drag selection should be on the TODO list, since these
features are moot granted one uses tmux. In fact, I'd prefer they be
treated as bloat.


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