Re: [dev] [st] revised mouse handling/reporting

From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2011 14:28:41 +0200

I wonder if those patches are going to be commited.. I find them right.

But it's about the third patch in a week without any reply..

/me pings Aurélien?

On 06/02/11 12:51, Bert Münnich wrote:
> Hi,
> the attached patch resolves some minor issues of mouse handling and
> changes some of its behaviours:
> * Fixed: double-clicking on first word of a line does not select it
> * Text is only selected with Button1; pasting when Button2 is released
> (maybe in the future: Button3 to expand the current selection like in
> xterm/rxvt-unicode)
> * Support for (xterm-specific) '\E[1002' button-event-tracking: report
> mouse motion events while some button is pressed (only if pointer is
> moved to another character; used in e.g. `vim -c "set mouse=a
> ttymouse=xterm2"'; the old '\E[1000' is kept working)
> * When MODE_MOUSE is set: only report mouse events but do not handle
> them inside st, selecting text in vim was kind of awkward, because it
> was selected inside and outside of vim and caused double (i.e. no)
> highlighting of the selected text
> * Listen for MotionNotify events only when at least one button is down
> (PointerMotionMask -> ButtonMotionMask)
> Regards, Bert
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