Re: [dev] Sandy editor

From: John Matthewman <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 20:51:51 +0700

On 6/2/11, Rafa Garcia Gallego <> wrote:
> - Most "normal" editors *do* have a slight modality (e.g. replace
> instead of insert, etc). Sandy does have a different behavior when
> selecting text vs. when moving, but it is bearable and IMHO it does no
> lead to confussion. Some questions: do we want to avoid modes as much
> as possible? even if that means losing some "power-user"
> functionality?

I suppose the answers to those questions depend on what the goal of
this project is. If the goal truly is a simple editor, then --
according to my definition of simple, anyways -- it ought to be
modeless. And if that means sacrificing some power-user functionality
then that's fine. It can't necessarily do _everything_. And if it
does, then.. it would probably end up being just another bad clone of
vi or Emacs.

> - Vi OTOH *does* have keybinding chains / compound commands (try
> typing a simple text in English, then do "d2Fe" in command mode and
> think what went on there), though I think we can all agree their
> damage is lesser than in emacs. Some more questions: do we want to
> avoid prefixes and modifiers as much as possible? even if this means
> having to repeat a keybinding a couple of times?
> If the answer to all these questions is 'yes', then we will probably
> end up with a quite simple, suckless editor. As long as it lets me
> select text using a regex and then filter the selection trough an
> arbitrary command, it ought to be enough for me. At least in theory.

I'm all for simple.

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