Re: [dev] ideas on suckless file manager

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 16:25:40 +0100


On 7 June 2011 15:53, Le Tian <> wrote:
> There are occasions, when u need to see or show some lovely icons.

With the exception of image thumbnails, icons are really completely pointless.

On 7 June 2011 16:17, Le Tian <> wrote:
> like a girlfriend, she needs icons and stuff

Yeah, it's well-known that females can't read, and rely on pictures
instead... No, don't be silly, she doesn't need icons, people
unfamiliar with shells just find the terminal intimidating. Once they
get over that fear it's really no problem. (I find inverting the
colours actually helps to a worrying degree.)

My thoughts on a suckless file manager, though my file manager is 'ls':

Orthodox: two paned, plus command line. At compile time you just
define commands like,
    { CTRL('m'), "mv $+ $@" }
You select a bunch of files on the left, navigate to a directory on
the left, and hit C-m. Simple, effective. It's not amazing, but it
would do its job.

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