Re: [dev] 2surf, an experiment in tiled browsing

From: Hadrian Węgrzynowski <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 16:18:34 +0200

On Sun, 12 Jun 2011 00:38:14 +0000
Bjartur Thorlacius <> wrote:

>On 6/11/11, Peter John Hartman <> wrote:
>> Why not just utilize dwm's tile mode and have each link open in a new
>> window?
>Presumably so you don't have to close a window after every article you
>examine, and resize the search results window. If you're going to
>resize the parent window every time before you use it, you could just
>as well hide it.
>A two-pane setup however mandates the common workflow of skimming the
>results, selecting an entry for examination, examining the linked
>article, and then either reading article or returning to the results
>page for continued skimming. Opening a new window for every activated
>link would allow for the alternative workflow of continuous skimming
>and then reading articles one after another.
>But resizing a pager's window will

It could be implemented as a mode of window manager.
- on new client hide and close current master
- if master client is closed do not move other windows (master area
  remain blank)
- new client becomes new master
Limitation: programs with exit dialogs, but dialogs can be displayed
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