Re: [dev] more on sbase

From: Jens Staal <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 15:15:30 +0200

I for one would be very happy about an alternative chroot
implementation, since that is missing in my base2plan9 and
base2heirloom AUR experiments (right now patching up with Busybox).

2011/6/20 pancake <>:
> I missed chroot(1) .. but after looking at the manpage I noticed that:
> * all flags are long (which looks like there's no standard for those
> options)
> * Which flags should we handle (-u user -g group ?)
> * We should chdir(path); chroot("."); instead of calling chroot(path);
>  - this is because the linux implementation is vulnerable.. this is not
> happening in BSD.
> writing this chroot command is trivial.. but i just want to know about this.
> feel free to submit the chroot.c
> To create an archive library you need to run ranlib, AR is not enought...
> well it's enought on linux and some BSDs.. but it's definitively not enought
> for Solaris and OSX. Can you please push a fix for this? (just call "ranlib
> libutil.a" after ar -r -c...)
> thanks
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