Re: [dev] wmii as a prepatched dwm (Was: segfault)

From: Stefan Mark <>
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 22:08:10 +0200

On Sat, 2 Jul 2011 18:12:41 +0200
"a.l.e" <> wrote:

> one first sorrow: the goal of dwm-sprinkles is to add all the
> available patches...
No, definitely not :)
> i would be happier to some of them... plus a few which i would not use
> but other think are important.
I intend to make some patches optional (eg the bar stuff, it seems that no one except me is using it)

> somehow, i would feel better if the project would have a more focused
> goal i could agree with :-)
I never had a goal, except putting everything together what i liked. But maybe it is time to set some goals, now that some people are using the thing.
What i wanted:
- Extending tags
  - pertag, with multi-monitor capability
  - perlayout (similar to pertag but for layouts, as seen partially on pertag2)
  - Tab or taskbar like ability
  - moving of clients in list
  - some modes of appending new windows (as first, as last, right of, ...)
  - appending windows 'tagless' and hidden to a stack list (not achieved yet)
- Eye candy
  - colors and stuff in the bar
  - systray
  - transparency
- Layouts
  - more flexible 'normal' layout, partly achieved through ntile, nmaster and bstack, soon to be replaced with flextile
  - spiral, grid and maybe others
- Little helpfull stuff
  - no goal, just add what seems helpfull, eg. alt-tab like behaviour, maximize, scratchpas, ...)

Any suggestions?
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