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From: Pieter Praet <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 14:26:26 +0200

On Mon, 4 Jul 2011 12:20:02 +0100, Ethan Grammatikidis <> wrote:
> On Sun, 12 Jun 2011 22:23:03 +0200
> pancake <> wrote:
> > Also crt and lcd/tft screens have differet brightness effects. Tft are less damaging to eyes than crt.. So i think discussion about colors on text moved to only stethical and personal issue because its no longer dramatic as it was in the crt era.
> Really? Who made this screaming bullshit up? My eyes haven't been right since I bought my first TFT monitor, and I've run into several people ONLINE who tell me they can't use LCD monitors AT ALL. Imagine that; relying on the internet and yet you can't use LCDs. Given how many people would simply forget about using computers if they had such a problem, I expect LCD screens make a LOT of peoples' eyes bleed. I think you're blindly believing _lies_ spewed by monitor manufacturers.
> Pancake... I'm sorry to say this but I get a "wtf moment" from nearly every post you send to this list. I realize that's not constructive criticism... You may want to consider how information flows especially how and when it it is possible to determine truth from lies. I don't mean how data flows; I mean how _meaning_ gets passed from human to human, and what can be lost in transit, especially when the sending humans are working on behalf of a megacorp (or government, for that matter).

While I won't comment on the rest of pancake's message
(I've already done so for one of his other points):

You can verify all this CRT-related "screaming bullshit" [sic]
empirically, in the comfort of your own home:

+ greater contrast ratio and color depth (degrades over time)
+ multisync (= scaling to different resolutions)
+ higher response time
- constant flicker
- image loss/distortion at boundaries
- uneven brightness
- more susceptible to glare
- difficult to position ergonomically

+ cheap
- prone to imploding (and setting fire to the elderly)
- emits high-pitched tone
- wasteful:
  - greater size (especially considering equivalent viewing area)
  - higher weight
  - higher power consumption (+ heat output)

(ionizing radiation and "filled to the brim with toxic crap" omitted
due to requiring specialized equipment to determine)


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