[dev] [dwm] [bug] 5.9's first bug: magic float mode

From: Peter John Hartman <peterjohnhartman_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 19:02:20 -0400


Actually, this bug goes way back, but I thought I'd be the first to report
it, just to ruin dwm's birthday. The culprit is this chunk of code in

        if(c->w == c->mon->mw && c->h == c->mon->mh) {
                // c->isfloating = True; pjh
                c->x = c->mon->mx;
                c->y = c->mon->my;
                c->bw = 0;

Commenting out that line fixes it.

How you reproduce it is the fun bit.

(1) You have to have borderpx set to 0.
(2) You have to be in monocle mode.
[(3) You might also have to have statusbar hidden.]
(4) Open up a couple of apps.

Now, hit MODKEY+Shift+q, provided you have the dwm loop thing in your
.xinitrc. The windows all come back in floating mode, lovely enough.

Current discussion on the mailing list is leaning to just eliminating that
chunk of code. Apparently, flash fullscreen requires it (which I haven't
been able to reproduce!) But why on earth is that code there, and can't
flash fullscreen be handled via a Rule?

Happy birthday dwm.

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