Re: [dev] nwcc compiler

From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 23:12:31 +0200

What i have noticed is that it depends on a 3rd party assembler... So nasm or gas should be added as a dependency.

I didnt cheked the linking process.. But looks hackable.

One thing i liked is that it gets compiled with support for all architectures.. So you dont depend on different toolchains for crosscompilation...

But as the website says.. This is just wip. And the generated code is not optimal yet

On 04/08/2011, at 17:25, Jens Staal <> wrote:

> neat! if someone could come up with a musl-wrapper for this, it could
> be a nice self-hosting package :)
> (I tried making a musl-tcc AUR, but have not had time to make it
> self-hosting yet)
> 2011/8/4 pancake <>:
>> not as minimal as tcc. but quite clean and simple,.. and much more portable
>> (supports sparc, mips, ..)
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