[dev] Introducing SEE, the Simple Executing Engine

From: Xinhao.Yuan <xinhaoyuan_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 21:47:31 +0800

Hello all, I have subscribed this mail list for long time, but it is my
first post here. I would like to introduce SEE, which is a very small script
engine for embedded environment. It has the following advantages:


- Hackable: the code base is small and the API is simple.


- Portable: the dependency is clean (You may even port it to a naked
environment like a OS kernel). the code is full written in C.


- Full functionality: the language model is single-threaded, but concurrency
can be implemented by external calls. And external calls are the only I/Os
in the language (no "standard I/O routines" here). A simple garbage
collector is implemented in SEE.


For myself, I already used SEE in my toy game engine muGE. I hope SEE would
be useful for you guys to enhance the functionality of your softwares. The
copyright of SEE is dedicated to the public domain.


SEE is hosted on github,

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