Re: [dev] [dwm] 2000 SLOC

From: Evan Gates <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 09:40:46 -0700

With regards to ii,

> The problem imho is usability. Maybe some shellscripts or rcscripts can help here..
> Iirc there was a program that was reading one line at the bottom and writing to a pipe and getting the output of another pipe into the other part of the screen. Like irssi/bx does but non monolitic and logging into a file, so you can then call less $foo and read the chat logs for example

I wrote pcw[1] which will run a script for each channel when joined
and/or when new text is received. By default it opens a new terminal
and runs cw, a program that gives stdin to the in fifo and basically
does a tail -f with the out file.

>I also think that it has some slight bugs with robustness (it should attempt to reconnect if disconnected), but it is otherwise a very good program, and I would be sad to see it go.

This is as simple as a one or two line patch in ii to fail with a new
exit status when it times out, along with a script on the user's side
to loop ii as long as the exit status is timeout. That's what I've
done as part of my chat script[2] (I'm aware it's not entirely clean,
I haven't updated it recently).

> For ii it is just a question of maintenance.

I'd be happy to maintain or help maintain ii. IMHO it's a great piece
of software and seems to fit in the suckless guidelines (with the
exception of exclusivity because of sic...)

-Evan (emg)

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