Re: [dev] [dwm] 2000 SLOC

From: Yoshi Rokuko <>
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 11:55:48 +0100

+------------------------------------------- markus schnalke -----------+
> I wonder why we actually do need such guidelines. We don't have masses
> of projects to filter. We can simply continue including what we (i.e.
> eventually Anselm) consider worthwhile and remove what we consider not
> suiting. That makes everything easier and also we keep our flexibility.
> (As we agree that wmii should go, just remove it. Its fans had long
> enough time to move the contents.)
> Generally, I think, that one success factor in the (early) development
> of dwm had been that Anselm just did what he thought was good for
> himself. This can be done similarly for Anselm has
> shown that he goes for rough consensus.
> Instead of adding manifests, we better have real content and let that
> speak.

sounds good, but don't forget, that usually it helps people to get their
ideals straight by formulating them - lets say manifest not guidelines.

what the community defines as suckless is not completely reflected in
what you name content. i think that there are to few suckless projects
for that.

> > Unmaintained projects will be removed after a grace period of one
> > year.
> Rules, rules, rules ...
> I suggest to drop the idea of having such a set of rules. We have the
> expression of our code and we have a common sense within the suckless
> community. What else is the Unix philosophy?

i agree with your suggestion.
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