[dev] [dwm] [patch] floating window stacking

From: Connor Lane Smith <cls_AT_lubutu.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 03:07:42 +0100

Hey all,

The dwm home page says "dwm doesn’t distinguish between layers: there
is no floating or tiled layer." I've never really known what this
means, because floating windows *are* stacked above tiling windows.
And I find that really, really annoying.

So here are two patches, which implement two possible alternatives. It
would be great if we could apply one of them to tip.

The first, float-same-level, just takes out the code which
differentiates the layers, so all windows are created equal. Floating
windows could be behind all other windows.

If you're worried floating windows might get lost behind all the tiled
ones, the alternative is float-under-focus, where the focused window
is above all floating windows, which are in turn above all other tiled
windows. This way you're unlikely to lose a floating window, but you
don't have a stupid floating window obscuring your view, either.


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