Re: [dev] simplyread

From: Nick <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 22:35:15 +0000

Quoth Connor Lane Smith:
> Much much much better!


> 1. Sometimes it only displays a subsection of an article. e.g., [1].
> [1]:

Yep. One of the disadvantages of the super-simple algorithm is that
odd HTML isn't always well handled. But that's always going to be
the case, to an extent.

> 2. Can I remain in simplyread mode even after I've clicked a link?

That'd be lovely, wouldn't it? However, it'd involve rather heavier
integration with the browser. Which is something I probably don't
have the patience for.

> 3. In Firefox 6.0.2 I don't seem to have any configuration options.

Yeah. They work in 7+. Mozilla changed the API for v7, and I'm too
lazy to make it work with the old one. You could probably set the
options from about:config (search for 'simplyread').

> 4. Can you avoid showing the <title> if an <h1> is present?

I probably should, yeah. I'll add it to the TODO.

Thanks for the feedback. Any more would be welcome.

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