Re: [dev] simplyread

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 22:29:51 +0000

On 12 December 2011 22:35, Nick <> wrote:
> Yep. One of the disadvantages of the super-simple algorithm is that
> odd HTML isn't always well handled. But that's always going to be
> the case, to an extent.

Fair enough. I noticed pretty much every other readability plugin
failed when encountering an unclosed <hr>. It would be really nice if
every site were to use the HTML5 <article>, in which case we could
just grab that and call it a day. Ahh, if only.

> That'd be lovely, wouldn't it? However, it'd involve rather heavier
> integration with the browser. Which is something I probably don't
> have the patience for.

There are probably pros and cons to that approach, too. I'm sure I'll
manage to hit M-r. ;)

> Yeah. They work in 7+. Mozilla changed the API for v7, and I'm too
> lazy to make it work with the old one. You could probably set the
> options from about:config (search for 'simplyread').

Yep, that works fine. And I use 9.0a2 most of the time, anyway.

> Thanks for the feedback. Any more would be welcome.

I'll probably end up using this a lot (over time my tolerance for
poorly designed websites has quickly approached zero), so I'll let you
know if I find any other bugs.

Anyway, really nice. I love the styling, btw -- very pleasant to read.

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