[dev] Re: what's your opinion on Go

From: Anthony Martin <ality_AT_pbrane.org>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 06:11:37 -0800

Arian Kuschki <arian.kuschki_AT_googlemail.com> once said:
> I would like to learn a new programming language. I do not know C. As
> I remember positive reactions on this list when Go came out, I would
> like to know if people still think it might be a 'better C'. One thing
> I like about Go is that is seems more suitable for server/web stuff,
> which is where I 'earn my bread' (working in Java and Javascript
> mainly, also Python) . But is it also good for building stuff like
> dmenu, dwm, cli tools in general etc? Or is C still king here?

Pretty much the only C code I write nowadays
is on Plan 9. Everywhere else it's Go or rc.

I'm just about finished tidying up the port
of Go to Plan 9. I have one last changeset
pending review.

C will always have its place but for new code,
Go with Go. :-)

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