Re: [dev] simplyread

From: hiro <>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 17:36:35 +0100

> After you've shot all writers of HTML 4, lawyers, politicians,
> programmers and designers? And expect people to listen to and support
> your political theories?

They will when I build giant killing machines in HTML5, but I fear the
migration of my SOAP to IPV6 and DNSSEC might cause random headshots,
which might kill my friends, huh. Perhaps I can make google mail or
twitter tunneling work with my protocol.

Eventually everyone should have realised until now that HTML is just
what it is and any new revision won't change the motivation of our
content creators or what they try to do with such new technique. It's
definitely not about making parsing easier for us.

Even if HTML5 were the only standard around, people would still misuse
it untill you guys enable me to one-click-slay (TM) them.
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