Re: [dev] wmii falling out of favor

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 16:57:24 +0100

On 22 December 2011 16:36, dtk <> wrote:
> nope, 32 is aplenty. Thing is, in wmii I create them on demand and name
> them dynamically (to reflect their purpose), which conveniently groups
> them as well. I just don't want the tag I do development of project A on
> to be on tag 5. Today. And on tag 6 is a browser with an interesting
> article. Today. But tomorrow, I wanna code on project B as well. Where
> would I put that? :/ It feels just soo static :|

There's also nametag [1], which allows you to rename your tags at
runtime, and a patch I wrote I could dig up which hides currently
unused tags.

> Sounds weird. That would make for one tag per client then, for most of
> the time I can use only one client (basically) maximised.

In dwm you can view multiple tags at the same time, which pulls all
clients with that tag into view. (Which is really amazing once you get
used to it. Other window managers just make me feel really

> I think that is the great power of the
> stacked layout. I can have clients grouped within one tag, but I don't
> need to watch them all of the time.

That's why I suggested flextile; it has a 'deck' layout.

> I think so. No way to have one client 'maximised'?

Monocle layout?

> What if I need tree columns?

I don't know what that means.


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